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At Rocklahoma, the party never really ends. Even after the last bands have played the main and side stages, you can still find live music in the VIP camping area each night at the Corporate Tent and The Garden of Evil. Both shows are free and showcase bands from the festival and exclusive performances. This year the GoE featured a killer performance from Run Devil Run, the band formerly known as Poets & Pornstars. Unfortunately, their charismatic and gorgeous bassist, Sally Hope was unable to be there due to a death in the family. Even with a replacement, they were still better than some of the Rocklahoma bands.

Bonfire guitarist Hans Ziller - injured onstage but okay

Germany’s Bonfire was the band I was most looking forward to. They sounded amazing, despite a few technical difficulties. It’s way too expensive to bring their own equipment from overseas, so they used instruments provided for them. Guitarist Hans Ziller normally plays a wireless guitar and, at the end of their set when he threw his guitar up in the air and caught it, he accidentally busted his head open. His face was covered with blood as he walked offstage but, after getting his head bandaged, he was fine later at the band’s press conference.

The Gypsy Pistoleros from Great Britain (or The Rockstar Bar in Fort Worth if you ask them) played their best show ever. Usually they spend so much time partying with their fans before they play, that it affects their performance. They should OPEN every festival they play. Following their set and throughout the weekend, you could find them staggering around somewhere.

Most side-stage acts spent time meeting fans after their sets. Keel and Jackyl also did signings. Some lucky fans got a few autographs at the radio station booths when artists did on-air interviews.

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