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Denton Indie - Being the coolest indie rock scene in Texas since 1890. Take that, Austin.

Well, amigos, the last month of summer is here, which means only one thing: drinking cheap beer and rocking out to your favorite live music. Ok, that’s two things. Whatever.

Hailey’s has some great local and national acts stopping over in the crown of the Golden Triangle. If it’s been a while since you’ve heard the sounds of Fishboy, you’ll get a chance this month along with Watercolor Paintings. This is sure to be an interesting show... New York’s Chairlift puts the brakes on for a show, which will surely satisfy your craving for eccentric pop music… Asobi Seksu, who sings in both Japanese and English, will tantalize your ears with a brand of shoe gazer-esque pop. See this show.

Seasoned rock veterans, ST 37 make their way to Rubber Gloves for an anticipated show. RGRS is all about rocking the CD release party scene this month… Disco: Hate puts a fresh one out with New Science Projects and The County Lines opening… Young And Brave hit the scene running with their new CD. If you’re a fan of Chica y Los Gatos, you’ll recognize their drummer, Ramon Muzquiz, in the line up. They take the stage with The Beaten Sea and Dirty Birds kicking things off properly. If you only see one show this month, then, well, you need to get out more… But besides that, Harlem promises an awesome show with White Drugs.

If you’re looking for an excellent Denton staple, check out Paul Slavens this month over at Dan’s Silverleaf. Other shows of interest at Dan’s include Highschool Cesars, The Heelers and Jesse Dayton… Shaolin Death Squad releases a new CD at the Boiler Room with The Invincible Czars and The Better Death supporting. Also at BR, Wayne “The Train” Hancock swings by for a show that will surely live up to your standards… If you’ve never seen Whiskey Folk Ramblers, you should this month. The Burning Hotels and The Magpies open.

Although they have carved their own niche in this ever-so-supporting community, Trebuchet and lead singer, Justin Hawkins wouldn’t mind if you dropped in and shared a cold one. Rock, indeed.

Shane Epting, who’s been writing this ND column and many (funny and clever) reviews in Flipside, has headed to El Paso to work on his Master’s degree. We’ll miss him, and I’m sure our readers will as well. We wish Shane all the best.

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