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Besides all the national concerts going on... and bands at local clubs, Trees is reopening this month. There’s also other news in Deep Ellum. See the Local Buzz for details.

You wrote

Ah shucks!
Linda, it has been a real treat and honor working for you. Out of all of the bosses that I have had, you are not only the best - but also you coolest. You have no idea how much you have contributed to my personal and professional development and character. I will never be able to thank you enough for your time, patience, and friendship. I will give you a call soon. Hope all is well.

Shane Epting – Staff writer
Denton ND, Flipside

Loved ad
Thank you for the kickass ad, Linda and give my thank you’s to Kevin, too! [Ad for Texas Tribfest @ Skillman in July issue.]
I couldn’t have asked for a better placement - next to the PRIEST article!! That so rocks!
I’m even going to send my mother a copy of your publication... she lives in Daingerfield! Ha.
MJ Newman

HB Impersonators
Occasionally we hear of someone saying they write for HB - when they don’t. This last month we heard of someone telling the club owner such (and asking to get in free)... and telling the band they were doing a “feature” story on them for HB. Not so. Club owners, bands, check our staff masthead for a list of staff writers and regular contributing writers. Or check with us.
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